‘One in a million’: Rare albino lobster caught off N.S. coast given new lease on life

John Baird caught this albino lobster near Caribou Island, N.S., just outside Pictou. Karren Worden

A rare, white crustacean seems to have escaped the dinner table after he was picked up off the Nova Scotia coast this week.

Lobster fisherman John Baird caught the albino lobster Monday in one of his traps at the bottom of the Northumberland Straight, off Caribou Island.

He brought the one-pound lobster into the Sobeys in Pictou, N.S., the next day.

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Karren Worden, who works in Sobeys’ seafood department, says the crustacean has received quite the warm welcome.

“It’s pretty cool, people are coming in just to take a look at him,” says Worden.

“The pictures don’t do him justice.”

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Worden says she’s seen lobsters come in several different colours in the past, but nothing like this.

“Probably like one in a million,” she said.

Photos of the lobster have made the rounds on social media, garnering dozens of shares and reactions.

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Worden says the lobster is not for sale, and will be released back into the ocean at the end of the season in June.

Until then, you can find the lucky lobster at the Pictou Sobeys seafood department.

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