Ontario NDP promise coverage for cancer drug prescriptions if elected

Click to play video: '‘I really do believe that [the choice is] between myself and Mr. Ford’: Horwath' ‘I really do believe that [the choice is] between myself and Mr. Ford’: Horwath
Leader of the Ontario New Democratic Party Andrea Horwath tells Eric Sorensen she thinks Premier Kathleen Wynne has already pushed herself aside and Horwath believes the NDP is a front-runner for the upcoming Ontario election. (April 22) – Apr 22, 2018

TORONTO – NDP Leader Andrea Horwath is promising universal access to take-home cancer drugs if her party wins the spring election.

Horwath says an NDP government would spend $42 million each year to cover patients whose health insurance plans don’t currently cover those types of drugs.

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In Ontario, cancer drugs administered in hospitals are free but take-home drugs often have a cost.

LISTEN: NDP Leader Andrea Horwath on the party’s cancer drug plan

Horwath says the majority of new cancer treatments being released are of the take-home variety, which means the fees for those medications can be substantial, putting necessary drugs out of reach for some people.

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She says the NDP would cut down on the stress cancer patients are already experiencing.

The promise is on top of the NDP’s pledge to spend $1.2 billion to increase base hospital funding.

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