Ontario election 2018: London North Centre riding

Voters in London North Centre elected Terence Kernaghan of the NDP as their MPP in the 2018 Ontario election.


Liberals: Kate Graham
PC: Susan Truppe
NDP: Terence Kernaghan (elected) 
Green: Carol Dyck

Global News is only featuring the candidates for the four main parties. For a complete list of candidates, visit Elections Ontario


One of three London ridings, this electoral district spans everything north of the Thames River between Highbury and Wonderland Road, with the exception of a small pocket of homes north of South Branch Park.


Liberal MPP Deb Matthews won the riding in 2014, defeating New Democratic candidate Judy Bryant by just over 2,000 votes. Matthews has held the riding since 2003 when she defeated incumbent Progressive Conservative MPP Dianne Cunningham. Matthews is not seeking re-election.

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By the numbers

  • Population: 125,362
  • Population density per square km: 2137
  • Median age: 38.3
  • Average household size: 2.1
  • % of homes with 1 person: 40% (22,505 of 57,765)
  • Media Income: 30,211
  • Marital Status: 51.2 % of population over 15 years of age is not married and not living common law