Moe makes good on promise, increases education funding

Saskatchewan Budget 2018: $107M increase to education, includes 2,500 new child care spaces
WATCH: Saskatchewan Finance Minister Donna Harpauer said the 2018 budget includes a $30 million increase spread across its 27 school divisions, and $77 million in child care funding including a promise of 2,500 new child care spaces by 2020.

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe has made good on a leadership campaign promise to increase the budget for school divisions by $30 million in the 2018-19 budget.

The province’s 27 school divisions have a combined $1.87 billion operating budget. Moe said that he would like to see the additional $30 million used to hire up to 400 teachers and other educational support staff.

“The success of Saskatchewan students continues to be a top priority of our government,” Education Minister Gord Wyant said in a statement.

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The increase follows a $54 million cut to school division funding in the 2017-18 budget.

The total education budget is $3.26 billion including early education, child care, libraries and advanced education.

WATCH: Saskatchewan Budget 2018: Revenue at $14.24B, spending at $14.61B

Saskatchewan Budget 2018: Revenue at $14.24B, spending at $14.61B
Saskatchewan Budget 2018: Revenue at $14.24B, spending at $14.61B

One of the most contentious cuts in last year’s budget was a cut to library funding. That funding was restored due to public outcry.

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Library funding remains at $11.1 million for the upcoming fiscal year.

“We heard last year from the people of Saskatchewan about the importance of our libraries, which is why this budget continues to ensure libraries across the province are supported,” Wyant said.

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The child care budget is $76.8 million, which includes $20.8 million in new funding from the federal government. This comes through the recently signed Canada-Saskatchewan Early Learning and Child Care Agreement.

This funding is expected to help create 2,500 more child care spaces by 2020, and support 16,000 licensed child care spaces.