Insurance agents deal with calls about Kingston wind damage

Click to play video: 'Residents in Kingston and surrounding areas assess the damage from the wind storm' Residents in Kingston and surrounding areas assess the damage from the wind storm
Trees went down, power went out and a sail boat near Wolfe Island is blown off it's moorings – Apr 5, 2018

Residents from across the region are now assessing damage to their property after winds hit speeds of 80 to 100 km/h.

Kingston homeowner Derek Balduc has a pile of shingles in his backyard — 24 hours ago they were still part of his roof.

“I probably lost maybe 50 or 60 shingles and quite a few of the ones around the top of where the peak of the house is.”

Damage is evident in many parts of Kingston.

Insurance agents in Kingston have been getting a steady stream of calls. State Farm Agent Philip MacLean says the majority of calls have been about shingles blown off roofs, but there have been other issues as well.

“We had a trampoline get put into someone’s swimming pool today, and a little bit of water damage from roof leaks, but fortunately not many basement claims, because it was more wind than water.”

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There was a flood watch for people living on Lake Ontario and the upper St.
Lawrence River. The flooding didn’t happen but Frontenac Islands mayor Denis Doyle says there has been shoreline erosion.

Wolfe Island residents did see a sailboat float across a bay near the village of Marysville. Judy Greenwood-Speers says she was making dinner when she saw blow past her dock. “It bounced around. It started at the end of the wharf and it came all the way to midway. I was actually grateful that it didn’t take out our dock.”

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A Kingston man had moored the sailboat over the winter, calling it an experiment to see if it would survive the ice for a planned trip through the Northwest Passage. Now aground on Wolfe Island, it has become a headache for the mayor and the municipal government.

Doyle says the municipality called in Transport Canada and the Coast Guard to help deal with the grounded boat.

“They’re getting involved because of the concern with the boat, perhaps breaking apart and contaminating the shoreline with diesel fuel that’s on board and motor oil in the engine and so on.”

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According to the Coast Guard’s Twitter page, they wen’t out to check the damage on April 5, and said that they had not seen any pollution coming from the beached sailboat.

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The winds also knocked out power to more than 6,000 Utilities Kingston customers for about two hours.

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