Davie Street Party cancelled by Vancouver Pride Society for 2018

Scene from the Davie Street Party. Vancouver Pride Society

The Vancouver Pride Society has cancelled a key event for the 2018 season: The Davie Street Party.

The party was cancelled over financial concerns, a Wednesday news release from the society said.

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With regulatory costs of $79,500 and policing/security/traffic management racking up a bill of over $37,000, it’s the most expensive event for the society to produce, it said.

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The society learned that it would need a “substantial amount of additional partnered support or cost reductions” to make it happen this year.

LISTEN: Vancouver Pride Society cancells Davie Street Party

“There are a lot of moving parts and pieces, road closures have to happen to make that event happen for about 15,000 people every year,” Vancouver Pride Society executive director Andrea Arnot told Global News.

“We had to make some decisions this year about finances, and that was the event that our board and staff decided we would have to cut unless we could get more help with it.”

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The Vancouver Pride Society spoke with partners such as the city about the event earlier in the year, hoping to find a way to bring costs down.

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“There was a lot of hard work from these partners, but unfortunately a solution was not attainable,” the news release said.

The pride society will work to bring back the street party for 2019.

Here are some photos from the Davie Street Party:

Vancouver Pride Society

Scene from the Davie Street Party.

Davie Street Party. Vancouver Pride Society
Davie Street Party. Vancouver Pride Society
Davie Street Party. Vancouver Pride Society
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