Saskatchewan school division employee misappropriates $18K

One of the eight confirmed losses involved $18,795 in misappropriated funds. vitapix / Getty Images

Five Saskatchewan school divisions reported losses of just over $35,000 during the period of Dec. 1, 2017, to Feb. 28, 2018.

A second-quarter report was tabled Monday to the standing committee on public accounts by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education.

One of the eight confirmed losses involved $18,795 in misappropriated funds from the Prairie South School Division. Following an investigation, the school division concluded an employee was responsible for the missing cash and was terminated.

Attempts are being made to recover $12,046 that is still outstanding. Police have also been notified.

Practical applied arts materials worth $550 were stolen from outside a school in the Good Spirit School Division on Jan. 15. RCMP were contacted.

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Three interactive projectors worth $5,808 were delivered to a Regina public school during a construction project in August 2017 but could not be located. A police report was filed.

Also in the Regina Public School Division, a 49-inch TV delivered during construction work could not be located when equipment installation started.

The report said a public school student stole a laptop worth $971 from a Regina classroom in July 2017. Police and guardians were involved.

The Regina Public School Division marks its laptops with identifying information, which is why they believed the student destroyed the laptop, rather than selling or trading it.

Bus parts and diesel fuel were stolen during December 2017 in the Saskatchewan Rivers School Division. Both thefts were reported to the RCMP.

The final losses were a laptop and three iPads, worth $2,709, stolen in January from a school in the South East Cornerstone School Division. Police were contacted and the assets were disabled from the school division’s information system.

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