Egg-citing find in Calgary

Mon, Apr 2: Calgary high school friends Gabriel Dufour and Kassidy Kisil crack open a whole lot of egg-citement when they find a carton filled with double-yolk eggs.

Gabriel Dufour and Kassidy Kisil didn’t know they were about to crack open a whole lot of attention when they were preparing a snack recently.

On a break from work, the pair decided to have some eggs. When Dufour cracked one in the pan he noticed two yolks, which is something he said he’d never seen before.

“Then we cracked another one and it was two yolks and we were freaking out,” he said. “We cracked [the] third one, two yolks, a fourth one, two yolks and by this time we were filming it on our Snapchat stories…we were screaming so loud.”

The Snapchat stories show the pair screaming in excitement as the double yolks are revealed with each crack in the pan.

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By the fifth egg, you see Dufour in the video saying “no way!”

“I just can’t stop smiling, because it’s such a crazy story,” Dufour said.

Kisil, who took the videos on her phone, was amazed by the response.

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“I had [about] 12 or 13 people respond to my story. Even people I’ve never talked to before and they were, like ‘How is this happening? Did you guys buy them this way?’ and we were, like, no we’ve never seen that before,” she said.

Global Calgary’s Dallas Flexhaug went to the southeast Calgary kitchen where the videos were shot to check it out for herself.

There were four eggs left in the carton when she got there. Three of the four remaining eggs had double yolks.

The chances of finding a double yolk are about 0.1 per cent. But how about several of them?

The Egg Farmers of Alberta said there’s an explanation for that, adding while this is a rare find, it’s not unheard of.

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“Double yolks do happen when the layer flock is younger (19 weeks) and the birds produce two eggs but only one shell. As they get older their bodies learn how to do a 1-1. Many farmers believe a double yolk is lucky.”

“We’re egg-cited,” said Dufour. “[We’re] lucky ducks!”

Of the 17 eggs Dufour cracked in the carton, 14 had double yolks. Of course, there are 18 eggs in a carton.

Dufour said his father must have eaten the other egg, so he’s not sure if that one was just as “lucky.”