Bob Layton: May Day

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WATCH ABOVE: Watch Bob Layton's weekly editorial on Green Party MP Elizabeth May – Mar 30, 2018

Are you satisfied with what your member of Parliament is doing in Ottawa and at home?

I’ve been asking that question of people I meet and some of the answers are interesting, although not very surprising.

Some do not even know who their member of Parliament is, while others are resigned to the idea that their MP will just have to do as the party directs, no matter what was promised during the election campaign.

There’s no doubt the Green Party members in the riding of Saanich-Gulf Islands must be so proud of MP Elizabeth May.

I’m not.

And you said it in your letters: “Members of Parliament who help write the laws of this country, should uphold the laws of this country.”

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The law provided a court injunction that banned protesters from disrupting construction work at Kinder Morgan.

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May did not honour the law.

Instead, she marched with protesters and was escorted out by police.

Not in handcuffs, but happily linked arm in arm with RCMP, chatting with the media and getting the desired national coverage.

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She was not actually arrested, so was it really a protest, or a publicity stunt to get re-elected?

One listener wrote it reminded him of a girl at prom, “showing up with two dates and an entourage, prancing around with a policeman under each arm. All smiles. Were any other protesters treated like that? Are they ever?”

Another listener was waiting to hear a square-dance caller chant, “Grab your partner and do-si-do” or something like that.

May used all the buzz lines about supporting the Indigenous people and the pipeline being a crime against future generations, but her delightful demeanor for all the cameras did not show any real caring that I could see.

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I like those who suggest if she is really against petroleum products, she should show us how to get dressed, eat and get from one place to another using none of those awful fossil fuels.

And stop using valuable police time to further your own ends, MP May.

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