Voices of Youth conference connects students and policy-makers

The Open Door Society's 11th annual Voices of Youth conference took place on Tuesday in Saskatoon. Angie Mellen / Global News

Over 150 youth from across Saskatchewan were in Saskatoon for the Open Door Society‘s 11th annual Voices of Youth conference at TCU Place on Tuesday.

Participants had the opportunity to talk to policy and decision makers including Saskatoon Mayor Charlie Clark, MLAs, and senior management from Saskatoon Transit.

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“I loved the experience. Talking to all these people and seeing different world views, and different problems in our community that isn’t necessarily pertaining to my everyday life was awesome to see and it was cool seeing where else changes need to be made,” participant Lily Constantino said.

“I did it because I wanted to learn more about being a leader and how I can help our school and just our community in general.”

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Discussions included youth employment, education, and mental health, with the goal of finding solutions to issues affecting young people.

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