Edmonton changes to ‘suggested’ speed limits on exit ramps

Click to play video: 'Edmonton changes to ‘suggested’ speed limits on exit ramps' Edmonton changes to ‘suggested’ speed limits on exit ramps
WATCH ABOVE: A major change is underway in Edmonton when it comes to speed limits on exit ramps. They're moving from firm limits to suggested limits. Kendra Slugoski explains – Mar 21, 2018

The City of Edmonton is changing speed-limit signs on exit ramps around the city from firm regulated speed limits to “suggested” speed limits.

“It’s recommended both nationally and provincially now that advisory speeds be placed on ramps as opposed to regulatory speeds,” said Andrew Siggelkow, an Edmonton Transportation engineer.

The change comes after an Edmonton woman called out the city on social media last spring, after she received a $350 speeding ticket on the exit ramp from Whitemud Drive to Fox Drive.

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Clare Packer was heading from the Whitemud — where the speed limit is 80 km/h — onto Fox Drive — where the limit is 70 km/h. However, the speed limit on the exit ramp is 40 km/h. Packer was caught driving 79 km/h and handed the ticket.

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“I think a lot of people had kind of the same issue I had with where that speed trap was and installing it as soon as they had a speed change,” Packer said on Wednesday.

Packer managed to get her fine reduced to $100, but believes her complaint is one of many that helped lead to the change.

The speed limit on the busy exit ramp is not changing, nor are any others in the city. The speed limit will remain at 40 km/h on the ramp. However, the colour of the sign has changed from white to yellow. The white speed limit signs in Edmonton are set-in-stone, regulated speed limits, while the yellow signs are suggested speed limits.

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The city said it is in the process of making the change on all Edmonton exit ramps. The exit ramps on Anthony Henday Drive, for example, already have yellow suggested speed-limit signs.

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“Over the next year or two, we anticipate that all ramps throughout the city of Edmonton will be changed over to advisory speeds,” Siggelkow said.

Despite the speed limit on exit ramps being an advisory, the city said the posted limit is still the safest speed. While the change means police speed traps will no longer be allowed in these locations, police could still hand out tickets to drivers going too fast – for things like careless or dangerous driving.

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