Edmonton city councillor looking into speed sign changes on Fox Drive

Click to play video 'Driver’s battle over ticket leads to changes in southwest Edmonton' Driver’s battle over ticket leads to changes in southwest Edmonton
WATCH ABOVE: A driver's fight against what she calls an unfair speeding ticket has led to a change in southwest Edmonton. Sarah Kraus explains – May 31, 2017

An Edmonton woman thinks she’s lucky to grab the attention of a city councillor over what she feels is an unfair speeding ticket.

Speaking on 630 CHED’s Ryan Jespersen Show, Clare Packer said she got a ticket while entering Fox Drive from Whitemud Drive. She doesn’t think the speed signs are posted properly.

LISTEN: Clare Packer on 630 CHED’s Ryan Jespersen Show

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“Basically, I got a speeding ticket in excess of $350 at a location I drive by every day and it’s essentially in a zone that the speed changes from 80 km/h to 40 km/h in about 40 metres or so. So you basically have to slam on your brakes and they had a nice little secret camera just chilling right there to grab you. So I got a ticket for going 80 in an apparent 40 zone,” said Packer.

Packer said she messaged Coun. Andrew Knack about it and got a warm reply. She said it looks like there is movement on her cause.

“I don’t know how much credit I can actually take for this, potentially none, but they are going to go ahead and change the sign back to what it originally was,” Packer said.

Knack confirmed to 630 CHED that was indeed the case.

“I can’t do anything about the ticket itself, but we explored where they were doing enforcement, which was the exit off Whitemud on Fox Drive,” Knack said.

“Currently, that exit has a posted speed limit of 40 km/h until going back up to 70 km/h. EPS has reviewed the area and upon that review, made a suggestion to our transportation team to change the speed sign from posted to suggested. As to exactly when that speed sign will change, I’m not exactly sure.”

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Packer said she will still fight the ticket, but she hopes the change will work in her favour.

On Wednesday, the Edmonton Police Service said it determines speed enforcement locations based on citizens’ complaints and officers’ knowledge of trouble spots where dangerous driving habits are being exhibited repeatedly. The EPS said the locations are not determined by where they feel they will make the most money issuing tickets.

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