Toronto pothole repairs hit 5-year high with 110,595 since Jan. 1

City of Toronto road operations crew fill potholes during an annual blitz in 2015. Mark McAllister / Global News

The frigid temperatures in Toronto this winter, followed by a February thaw and back to cold again has resulted in a five-year high in pothole repairs.

Latest numbers released by the city to date show city crews have fixed 110,595 potholes since Jan. 1. The previous record was 87,188 potholes patched during the same time period in 2014.

City officials said they have responded to the increase in repairs by extending staff hours and implementing multiple blitzes over the last month.

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On a normal day, 25 crews are out repairing potholes compared to 55 crews working during blitzes.

City officials estimate the cost for road work this year will be $171 million.

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The city on average sees approximately 255,855 potholes a year.

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