Kenya floods kill 15, injure scores more

Flooding in Kenya leaves at least 15 dead
WATCH: Flooding in Kenya leaves at least 15 dead

At least 15 people were killed and scores injured in heavy rains and flooding, Kenya‘s Daily Nation said on Friday.

The rains had pounded parts of the east African nation over three days, the newspaper said on its website. Most of the flood victims died by drowning, the Daily Nation added.

Kenya‘s ambulance service tweeted reports of collapsed buildings and road collisions caused by floodwaters. The Kenya police service warned road users against driving in the severe weather conditions on their Twitter feed.

Twitter user Kelvin Nyachio recorded floodwaters sweeping through a shantytown neighbourhood of Nairobi on Thursday (March 15) and user Davi Kenyan filmed a highway in Naivasha, almost devoid of traffic in rains on Saturday

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