Fraudsters pose as Canada Revenue Agency in tax season text message scam

File Photo / Getty Images

It’s tax season, and the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has warned that a new texting scam is making the rounds.

The CRA will never send you a text message, said spokesperson Cheryl Yeung.

“Most text message, scam messages will involve links, generally they could also include dollar amounts prompting anybody that receives them to click on it,” she explained.

“When you receive a text message like that, make sure that you don’t click on any links and just go ahead and delete it.”

Yeung said that if the CRA calls you, it will never use forceful language or threaten you.

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If the CRA emails you, it will never ask you for financial or personal information, or include any exact dollar amounts.

If you have doubts and want to verify that the CRA is in fact contacting you, Yeung recommend that you call the agency directly because you won’t be penalized for double checking.

And if you feel you’ve been a victim, the CRA recommended that you contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, or police.

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