De-icing fluid cause of fire on plane heading to Calgary from Saskatoon

Too much de-icing fluid was likely the cause of an engine tailpipe fire on an Air Canada Express flight from Saskatoon to Calgary. File / Global News

Too much de-icing fluid may have been the cause of a fire on an Air Canada Express flight heading to Calgary from Saskatoon.

A report issued Wednesday by the Civil Aviation Daily Occurrence Reporting System (CADORS) said it believes an excessive amount of de-icing fluid was burning in the exhaust tailpipe of the Bombardier Dash 8 on Feb. 17.

A passenger on the plane reported flames coming from the left engine exhaust tailpipe shortly after the flight had taken off from Saskatoon.

After confirming flames were coming from the tailpipe, a flight attendant informed the flight crew and an emergency was declared.

The flight crew did not shut down the engine as there was no fire indication on the flight deck.

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It was then reported that the flames dissipated once engine power was reduced.

All 78 passengers on board and four crew members evacuated the plane once it landed in Saskatoon.

An inspection of the aircraft found no visible signs of fire or fuel leaks but an excessive amount of de-ice fluid was noticed by maintenance crews.

The passengers were able to continue their trip later that afternoon.

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