Hamilton’s Tim Hortons Field still plagued by deficiencies

Tim Hortons Field in Hamilton is shown in a file photo.
Tim Hortons Field in Hamilton is shown in a file photo. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Aaron Lynett

It was late and it was unfinished, and four years later, Tim Hortons Field is still incomplete.

The City of Hamilton says it’s still dealing with leaks in the stands, which on the west side caused some damage in the dressing rooms and suites.

Those have been repaired, with more leaks to be fixed on the east side.

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Coun. Lloyd Ferguson says there are also issues with the sound system and the height of a railing, which although is to code, could pose a safety issue if someone went over it.

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Ferguson, who is also chair of the city’s stadium committee, says taxpayer money isn’t being used to pay for these ongoing issues.

He says the city withheld $6-million from Infrastructure Ontario, which in turn was withheld from the contractor after it handed over the stadium late, incomplete and with about 1,200 deficiencies.

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Those deficiencies included minor issues, like door re-adjustments and point-of-sale problems, to more serious issues like a faulty speaker bracket that gave way, sending a 150-pound speaker crashing into the stands and damaging 30 seats.

Ferguson says deficiencies can happen in construction, but there were way too many with Tim Hortons Field, adding that the issues stemmed from the original build and the fact that the contractor was late in getting the stadium done.