‘Breaking Free’ emergency event to help Calgary PTSD organization survive set for Saturday

WATCH: A non-profit organization helping Calgarians struggling with PTSD is in a dire situation. They're running out of funds to help support survivors. As Jill Croteau reports, they've come up with a last minute event they hope will raise enough money to help a growing wait list.

Non-profit organization Breaking Free Foundation is helping Calgarians struggling with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). But its members worry they can’t help those who need it most because they are in a dire situation.

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They’re running out of funds to help support and treat survivors. Chair of the organization Amber Craig said they needed to react.

“Our wait list for therapy grant programs is about 20 people and that’s hard,” Craig said.

“They are in desperate need of our help and a lot are feeling suicidal.”

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Members have come up with a last-minute event they hope will raise enough money to help those in need of a psychologist. The Breaking Free Foundation can help pay for the treatment so those struggling don’t have to be burdened by the costs.

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They’ve organized a night of breaking free from trauma through art. 

There will be an art auction to inspire donations. Many artists, including Suzanne Piechotta, have parted with their pieces to help the foundation.

“To be a part of a community that’s supportive and not minimizing, and to acknowledge and say, ‘Yes we can help you’ is something worth being a part of,” Piechotta said.

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Piechotta has survived a past trauma herself and hopes someone else navigating through their own PTSD can find meaning and comfort in her creation.

“Giving somebody something–it’s not hard for me to share my art,” she said. “It needs to be out there for whoever needs it.”