Transit Police are asking the public for help after trolley wire thefts

Metro Vancouver Transit Police are asking the public to speak out if they . Metro Vancouver Transit Police

Metro Vancouver Transit Police are hoping the public will be able to help them solve a mystery involving stolen Coast Mountain Bus Company trolley wires.

In a statement, Transit Police say they have investigated nearly two dozen cases where trolley wires have been stolen over the past two years in the City of Vancouver.

The cost of replacing the wires, which can carry up to 600 volts of power, can cost up to $50,000.

WATCH: Dangerous downtown Vancouver copper theft

Officials are calling the thefts, “a total disregard for public safety.”

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One theft in January left live trolley wires dangling over a sidewalk, several feet from the ground,

Two teenagers walking by reported it to police.

According to police, wire theft is a continuing challenge for emergency officials across North America due to the high value of copper.

They add it’s difficult to investigate because the thefts normally happen at night, can happen anywhere trolley wires are used, and trolley wire isn’t uniquely identifiable.

Police say it’s possible that people involved in trolley wire thefts may look like utility workers, and are asking anyone that spots someone cutting or dragging wires — or see an unmarked vehicle involved with wire work at night — to call Transit Police or 911.

Anyone with information about trolley wire theft is asked to contact Transit Police at 604-515-8300, or by text at 87 77 77.

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