Nova Scotia fish and chips eatery crowned Canada’s best: poll

Foodies rejoice! Seafood lovers have put down their forks and cast their ballots for the place to find Canada’s best fish and chips.

The poll results, published in the April edition of Canadian Living magazine, crowned John’s Lunch in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia in the top spot.

For the past decade, John’s co-owner Fotis Fatouris has worked 15 hours a day slaving over a hot fryer to perfect his recipe. “The secret is, I make fish every morning, fresh. Good quality. Clean fryers.”

Fatouris also says it’s important to use the freshest fish possible. His seafood doesn’t have that fishy odour – a sign the product isn’t fresh.

What it does smell like – is success. Fatouris says he goes through 100 pounds of battered fish a day – even more when tourism season rolls around.

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Fatouris notes that while awards are flattering, and he’s honoured to be given first prize in the Canadian Living poll, instant feedback from his customers is even better. Restaurant regulars tell Global News they appreciate the quick, friendly service, and “awesome” food.

Mike Brien says, “I figured today was going to be busy with all the publicity they’ve had lately, but it’s well-deserved and it’s good.”

Word is spreading about the diner, so much so, some people are forced to wait in line to be served. Customer Ian Logie suggests, “Maybe they should consider expanding, because it is pretty tight.”

But Fatouris prefers to keep things status quo, as he believes an expansion might spoil his diner’s atmosphere.

Canada’s top 8 fish and chips spots, according to Canadian Living readers

1. John’s Lunch: Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

2. Lord Elgin Fish & Chips: Port Elgin, Ont.

3. Pajo’s: British Columbia

4. Red Fish Blue Fish: Victoria

5. Ches’s Fish and Chips: St. John’s

6. Cape Light Restaurant & Pub: Cardigan, PEI

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7. Herbert Fisheries: Killarney, Ont.

8. Bullocks’ Bistro: Yellowknife