Kids attempt ‘tall man’ trick to sneak into ‘Black Panther’ movie

Two friends tried the "tall man" trick to try and get into Black Panther for half the price. Twitter/@stevelikescups

Two kids in California, apparently eager to go see the new Black Panther movie at half the cost, tried sneaking one past a movie theatre attendant by posing as a “tall man.”

Twitter user ‘Pillsbury’ posted a video on Friday showing someone filming himself and another friend disguised as a “tall man” (when one person sit on another person’s shoulders while wearing an oversized trench coat).

“We tried getting the two-for-one special at Black Panther. The manager was not having it,” the tweet stated.

Although the disguise didn’t work, it still caused a lot of laughter from those also standing in line.

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WATCH: Black Panther is the biggest February opening in Hollywood history and the fifth biggest box office debut ever – and that’s just in the U.S. 

Click to play video: 'Black Panther smashes box office records with massive opening weekend'
Black Panther smashes box office records with massive opening weekend

In the video, you can hear the ticket counter attendant saying, “We can’t let you in unless you get down. You have to get down.” However, he did have a smile on his face when saying it.

Black Panther brought in an estimated US$201.8 million for its three-day debut in North America over the weekend, according to Forbes.

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