Romeo the frog looking for ‘Juliet’ to save his species

Romeo the frog has taken his search for a mate online.

Suspected to be the last of his kind, Romeo the Bolivian frog is searching for a mate to save his species this Valentine’s Day.

The 11-year-old Sehuencas Water Frog has been “fruitlessly calling for a mate” inside the Cochabamba Natural History Museum.

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Water frogs were once common in Bolivia, but their population has dwindled due to a combination of climate change and invasive species, the Independent reported.

Since there’s little chance a wild lady-frog might hear him, conservationists have taken Romeo’s call and put it online.

“Well, hi there. I’m Romeo,” a profile on reads.

“Not to start this off super heavy or anything, but I’m literally the last of my species. I know — intense stuff.

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“But that’s why I’m on here – in hopes of finding my perfect match so we can save our own kind (no pressure ;)).”

“We don’t want him to lose hope,” Arturo Munoz, the conservation scientist who made the profile, told AFP.

Munoz is also the one who found Romeo while on an expedition to the Bolivian cloud forests 10 years ago, the Independent reported.

“We continue to remain hopeful that others are out there so we can establish a conservation breeding programme to save this species,” Munoz said.

The profile asks concerned nature lovers to donate to Global Wildlife Conservation so they can send more biologists out into the rainforests to find Romeo a mate.

As Romeo’s dating profile indicates, he’s not picky for who they find.

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“As for who I’m looking for, I’m not picky. I just need another Sehuencas like myself.

“So, if you’re willing to help an old Romeo find his one and only Juliet, donate to my cause so we can get out there and start the search for my one, true match!”

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