Former Sask. MLA Bill Boyd pleads guilty to 2 environmental charges

Former Saskatchewan MLA Bill Boyd has pleaded guilty to two environmental charges. File / Global News

Former Saskatchewan MLA Bill Boyd pleaded guilty to two environmental charges in a Kindersley courtroom on Tuesday.

Court heard that Boyd not only cultivated wildlife habitat but made significant alterations to land along the river near Eston for an irrigation system. He did the work without obtaining a permit or applying for one.

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The Crown said while it didn’t think Boyd’s actions were deliberate, someone in his position should have known better.

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe said Boyd was not given any preferential treatment.

“This individual, Mr. Boyd, was treated in the same manner that any other individual in the province of Saskatchewan would be treated under similar circumstances and that was undertaken throughout that process,” Moe stated.

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Cathy Sproule, the Opposition environment critic, said it is troubling someone in Boyd’s position at the time carried out the work.

“This is protected land, wildlife habitat protected land along the South Saskatchewan River,” Sproule said.

“It is vulnerable land and so when you have a minister of the Crown, who is in the DNA of the Sask. Party according to the former premier, doing destructive action on Crown land, I think everyone should be concerned.”

The Crown argued that Boyd be ordered to pay up to $5,000 for the first count and $25,000 to $30,000 for the second.

The former minister of economy will be back in court on April 17 to find out his fines.

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