‘Altered Carbon’: Kristin Lehman on what to expect from Netflix’s sci-fi show

Kristin Lehman talks Netflix sci-fi series ‘Altered Carbon’
WATCH: On Netflix’s 'Altered Carbon,' Canadian Kristin Lehman plays Miriam Bancroft, a no-nonsense woman in power.

Altered Carbon, the latest sci-fi offering from Netflix, is a visually astounding feast.

Based on the 2002 novel of the same name, the story revolves around the concept of transferable human consciousness that can be digitized and downloaded into new physical bodies. Each person is equipped with a so-called “cortical stack” on the back of their neck, and any consciousness can be put into any body.

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Canadian Kristin Lehman, who plays the ruthless Miriam Bancroft, says Altered Carbon is like an “epic opera,” and its richness, both in terms of production and acting, are apparent from scene one.

“Fantasy is brought to life right in front of you,” said Lehman.

Bancroft is the wife of the wealthy, 500-year-old (and then some) Laurens Bancroft; she herself has lived for 250 years, and will do anything to survive another millennium, even if it means manipulating people for her own gain.

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Global News sat down with Lehman in Toronto to talk about her new role, and whether shooting the show was as fantastical as it looks.

(You can watch the interview with Kristin Lehman in the video, above.)

‘Altered Carbon’ is available for streaming on Netflix Canada as of Feb. 2.