Family Literacy Day sparks imaginations across Saskatchewan

A mother and daughter bond over a book on Family Literacy Day. Dave Parsons / Global News

On a crowded carpet at the Glen Elm library, a dozen smiling faces listened to a story.

“I do not like green eggs and ham, I do not like them, Sam I am.”

Families flocked to libraries across the province for Family Literacy Day. In Regina, Ward 3 councillor Andrew Stevens read his favourite childhood book, a Dr. Seuss classic, to a group of kids.

“I think it’s important really early on to read to your kids, and get them excited about stories, imagination and books,” Stevens explains. “This is a great place to do it.”

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As he read, his own children sat as close as they could, attentively listening, cooing as the story went on.

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It’s something Stevens does with them frequently, and he’s not the only one.

“We always spend time reading, and come to the library on Saturdays to hang out and do some reading and stuff,” Kelechi Eguzo, the father of three young children said. “It was quite nice to hear the story read by someone else.”

That’s how Ako, his son, hears all his stories. He can’t read yet, but he would certainly like to.

“He’s jealous because [his sister Marjorie] can read, and he can’t read, so when she reads he wants to read as well,” Kelechi said. “So you read and he reads after you. You’re like ‘pet the cat,’ and he’s like ‘pet the cat.’”

And while Ako may not be there just yet, Marjorie is; she’s fallen in love with discovering new stories.

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“My favourite part is that I read some new books. I like to read them so much,” she beamed.

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And that’s what Family Literacy Day is all about. Showing people the joy a new book can bring.

Family Literacy Day has been running for 20 years in the province and is put on by the Government of Saskatchewan and the Saskatchewan Literacy Network.

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