Medical marijuana clinic in Peterborough relocates

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Bodystream Medical Marijuana Services operates several locations across Ontario, including one in Peterborough, and the company says a large percentage of its clients are seniors.

“When people think cannabis, they think it’s maybe what they tried in college. But it’s really quite advanced now. You can take strains that have no psychoactive properties whatsoever,” said Erika Calhoun, marketing coordinator for Bodystream.

Calhoun says thousands of different strains of medical cannabis can help people with different ailments.

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“There might be one to help people with insomnia, to help relax them, or help them sleep. Some people take it for anxiety,” Calhoun said. “There’s also CBD, which is also one of the main components of the plant, and that is very good used medically, so it’s very good for treating pain and inflammation.”

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The clinic’s grand opening on Hunter Street takes place Friday at 10 a.m. The Peterborough location last fall moved from George Street.

Patients can show their Ontario Health Card, which will cover the cost of the appointment.

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“We connect patients with doctors who are willing to prescribe medicinal cannabis. With that we make sure that patients know when their appointments are. They are approved for the process to get a medicinal cannabis prescription, and with that we make sure the product they are getting is exactly what they need for their condition, as well as they are fully educated on how to take their prescription,” said Amelia Munday, clinic supervisor.

The federal government’s legalisation of recreational cannabis is expected in the summer of 2018.


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