Bride-to-be injured in bachelorette brawl at Vancouver nightclub

Vancouver police are investigating after a soon-to-be bride was injured in a fight during her bachelorette party at a downtown nightclub Saturday night.

Mission photographer Alysha Thompson, 29, was at Bar None Nightclub in Yaletown celebrating her stagette with a group of female friends when violence broke out shortly before midnight.

Police said her group was asked to leave the bar and while they were leaving the bride became involved in a fight with another group of women.

“We believe that someone in the other group possibly played a key role in causing the injury to the victim,” Sgt. Randy Fincham said.

When police arrived at the scene they found Thompson suffering from cuts to her face and leg.

While police are hoping women from the other group involved will come forward to tell their side of the story, Thompson said it was actually bar staff that caused the fight.

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Thompson wrote in a Facebook post that she was attacked by a waitress of the club unprovoked.

“She grabbed me from behind and threw me across a table and brutally attacked me, leaving me with a concussion, cuts and bruises all over my body,” Thompson said, adding that she is getting married in just three weeks and will have permanent scars.

However, while Fincham said bar staff was involved in the incident, police believe they did not cause any injuries to Thomspon.

“We do know that there was another group involved, other than the victim and bar staff,” said Fincham, adding that the two groups were not known to each other. “It is important that these people come forward and tell their side of the story.”

No charges have been laid and the investigation is ongoing.

Police said they have video surveillance of the incident and are hoping the group of women will come forward before they have to release it.

In a Facebook post, Bar None Nightclub said the incident is being reviewed by the police and the club takes the safety of patrons very seriously.

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