Cataraqui officials warn of possible flooding

Water pours through an ice jam at Wilton Creek in Loyalist Township. Mike Postovit/CKWS TV

Last week’s inclement weather, combined with more rain in the forecast, could lead to even more flooding, according to the Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority (CRCA).

“Some ice jams have formed and they’re causing localised flooding, and some road closures in some areas,” CRCA Water Resource Technologist, Shawn Fairbank said.

Areas of concern include Butler’s Creek in Brockville, Wilton Creek near Highway 2, and Big Creek Road, as well as Millhaven Creek.

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Mild temperatures and up to 20 millimetres of rain forecast for early next week could cause those creeks to overflow into nearby roads or low-lying areas.

“Be aware of where your property is relative to the flood plain or the creek,” Fairbank said. “If you are close to the creek, you should have some plans to put in temporary measures in these cases, like snowbank berms.”

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Fairbank adds with the bipolar weather seen in the Cataraqui Region of late, ice conditions have not been ideal.

“We expect poor ice conditions, unsafe conditions on some lakes,” Fairbank said. “Water managers have had to increase flows to springtime levels in some cases to deal with all that water coming into the system.”

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