Cambie Bridge bike lane approved by Vancouver city council

Vancouver drivers are about to lose another lane to cyclists after city council voted to approve a new bike lane on the Cambie Street Bridge. Jordan Armstrong reports.

The City of Vancouver has approved plans to put a separated bike lane on the Cambie Bridge following its Jan. 17 council meeting.

A report from the city’s general manager of engineering Jerry Dobrovolny says a temporary protected bike lane will replace one southbound vehicle lane on the Cambie Bridge, saying the “east shared path is frequently too busy for those walking and cycling to feel safe and comfortable sharing the same space.”

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The city says more than 80,000 bike trips were taken on the shared path last July, adding that June cycling volumes over the bridge have increased by 86 per cent since 2010.

The lane, which is expected to cost about $600,000, will be constructed in the first half of 2018.

But not everyone is happy with the decision. West End resident Steffan Ileman says it’s irresponsible to take a southbound lane away in exchange for a bike path.

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“Those lanes on the Cambie Street, they barely accommodate existing traffic,” said Ileman.

He said the city needs more not less, his solution? Possibly running for office.

“Get involved in the next municipal election, if we get on the city council, we are going to tear down all these concrete bike lanes.”

Ileman is no stranger to the fight against bike lanes in the city. He created online petitions against projects including the 10th avenue path, especially around Vancouver General Hospitals.