Growing number of potholes in Montreal wreaking havoc on the roads

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Potholes in Montreal wreaking havoc
WATCH ABOVE: The extreme temperature swing is wreaking havoc on Montreal's aging roads. Global's Dan Spector reports – Jan 12, 2018

You may be enjoying the temporary reprieve from winter with the milder weather in Montreal, but as the snow and ice melt away, more potholes emerge.

“It’s terrible. Everywhere you go, there’s potholes,” said Uber driver Mario Cinotti.

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He told Global News that all four of the tires on his Cadillac were destroyed after he ran over a series of potholes on Highway 15.

“I don’t know if it was one pothole, two potholes, three potholes. It was all full of water, I couldn’t see anything,” Cinotti said.

He claims it cost him over $1,000 to replace the tires.

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The city explains the extreme temperature swing is wreaking havoc on Montreal’s aging roads.

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“We’re seeing more potholes than we usually see during the winter,” said city spokesperson Philippe Sabourin.

He said the city will patch up some of the worst potholes immediately, even though fixing them when the ground is wet is far from optimal.

He added that city workers have their hands full these days — they’re just finishing their latest snow removal operation.

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“Fixing potholes should be done when you have dry asphalt. At the same time, we have many things to do. We have to spread sand and salt and be ready for the [upcoming] snow storm,” Sabourin said.

The city is encouraging anyone who sees a pothole to call 311 to report it — or use the new Montreal app.

“You can take a picture of the pothole, send the information to the city and we’ll do a personalized follow-up with you and let you know when the pothole is fixed,” he told Global News.

Transports Quebec says it has crews patrolling the highways 24/7.

Workers report potholes, which are patched when the weather conditions permit.

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The organization says drivers can pursue compensation by filing a report on the website.

Uber driver Mario Cinotti said he decided not to report his incident to authorities.

“I know other drivers who have reported them, and I still don’t see them getting fixed,” he said.

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