Could green burials become available in Hamilton?

Could green burials become available in Hamilton? - image

Hamilton’s Ward 2 councillor Jason Farr is poised to ask city staff to assess the feasibility of a type of burial not currently offered in Hamilton — the green or natural burial.

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The process involves a person being laid to rest without embalming chemicals, making it more environmentally friendly than traditional methods. The burial plot is in some cases marked with a tree.

Farr says this model could involve burials in designated areas outside of cemeteries.

“You know RBG lands, maybe, and I say maybe because we’ll let staff sort of look at this. Conservation land may be options here,” he said.

“That’s yet to be determined. But certainly it doesn’t have to be what we consider now and what we see now as a traditional cemetery.”

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Farr says his office has heard from a number of residents who support the idea.

If his motion to explore the idea passes, he says there will be a number of considerations, including zoning, provincial law, and of course the cost.

The motion will go before council Jan. 24.

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