600 fireworks explode from Dodge Charger’s trunk on New Year’s Eve

Click to play video: 'Caught on camera: New Year’s Eve party goes wrong when 600 fireworks ignite from car' Caught on camera: New Year’s Eve party goes wrong when 600 fireworks ignite from car
WATCH ABOVE: Hundreds of fireworks shoot out of a Dodge Charger's trunk, which eventually sets the car on fire – Jan 2, 2018

This video of fireworks exploding from the trunk of a Dodge Charger is already a strong contender for Global News’ Top Videos of 2018.

In the video, people at an outdoor New Year’s Eve party in a Houston, Texas parking lot are left dumbstruck by the impromptu fireworks display.

According to ABC13 News, the fireworks ignited after a lit firework fell into the Charger’s trunk. The very same place where 600 other fireworks were being stored.

“You can tell there was chaos here. It’s obvious,” spectator Jonathan Garza told ABC13 News. “The Charger, like the trunk, was popping fireworks left and right.”

At one point in the video, the Charger started to catch fire, with partygoers worrying that the fuel tank would ignite.

Hurara Hassan, the owner of the Dodge Charger, told ABC13 News he was thankful no one was injured during the chaos.

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“I was scared because my girl was in the car,” he said. “I ran to go see, but luckily she ran out.”

Hassan said he can fix the damage, and he looks forward to next New Year’s Eve.

“I’ll go do the fireworks again,” he said. “But I’ll make sure the trunk is closed next time.”

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