New Year’s resolutions – they don’t need to be made at the beginning of the year

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New Year’s resolutions – they don’t need to be made at the beginning of the year
WATCH: Resolutions are a tradition for some and a natural tendency for many, but positive change doesn't have to happen only at New Year's. Global's Zahra Premji reports. – Jan 3, 2018

At the beginning of a new year it’s natural to reflect on the past year and think about and maybe even set some goals for the coming year or years.

Resolutions and goals are made throughout our lives, but fitness expert and one of the owners of Brickhouse Gym, Paul Taylor, said set the goal the minute it comes to mind.

“So, if it’s a Tuesday afternoon, 4 p.m. on the 14th of April or something and you’re like I need to get in shape, do it. There’s no sense in waiting for some silly date,” Taylor said.

He said Dec. 31 and Jan. 1 are just days on a calendar.

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“They’re just days, you know. You wake up and you get out of best the same as any other day. It shouldn’t make a difference. You need to make a difference,” Taylor said.

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He said if you make a realistic resolution that isn’t next to impossible to achieve, chances are higher you’ll stick to it.

Psychologist at Mind Matters Clinic, Cathy Moser, said be realistic with yourself because if you aren’t then chances are quite high that you won’t stick to the goal you’ve set out for yourself and you’ll give up.

“The exact date to which you achieve those goals should not be set in stone,” Moser said.

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Taylor said if you find you aren’t achieving your goal and you’re feeling like a failure and want to try again next year, don’t.

“If you want to wait until next year, then it really doesn’t matter to you,” Taylor said.

Experts said if you want to make a change in your life, don’t wait to do it, but also maybe don’t do it on January 1 with everyone else, because it may just leave you with a feeling of failure if you don’t achieve what everyone else is who set a goal at the same time.

In other words, they said make sure the focus is truly on you and what you want to achieve and if you don’t achieve it right away, go back to it and try again.

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“The couch will always be there. Try something else,” Taylor said.

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