Twitter mocks Jason Kenney for suggesting the left thinks ‘saying Merry Christmas is hateful’

Jason Kenney faces questions after suggesting the left is making Christmas a taboo
WATCH ABOVE: United Conservative Party leader Jason Kenney is being taken to task for comments he made about the left making it politically incorrect to say 'Merry Christmas.' Tom Vernon explains.

‘Twas a few nights before Christmas when United Conservative Party leader Jason Kenney – just recently elected to the Alberta legislature – was taken to task for appearing to turn the holiday celebrating Jesus Christ’s birth into a political issue.

“The problem is people on the left think saying ‘Merry Christmas’ is hateful,” Kenney was quoted as saying in a column posted by the Calgary Sun on Thursday. “Those voices of crazed political correctness will not govern what is allowed.”

Kenney was taken to task on Twitter about the assertion, including by 770 CHQR’s Rob Breakenridge, who works for Corus Entertainment, which is also Global News’ parent company.

“Who thinks that?” Breakenridge asked in a Tweet directed at nobody in particular, however, generating a response from Kenney.

“It was a *joke* about the excesses of political correctness,” Kenney tweeted at Breakenridge Thursday morning. “But not too far off the mark at a time when songs like Jingle Bells & White Christmas are generating controversy.”

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Kenney’s reply prompted dozens of Twitter users to respond.

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“I’m confused. Is this a joke too?” Tej Swatch tweeeted. “Where has there been controversy about Jingle Bells or White Christmas?

“And, let us repeat, as it has become traditional this time of year: There is no war on Christmas.”

“I am becoming more and more convinced Kenney has the same advisers as his American counter parts,” tweeted Nadine Kellman. “No one else is repeating this bs. A joke?!? Stop insulting the intelligence of Albertans.”

A Twitter user going by the name “hello” suggested Kenney lighten up about the holidays: “Merry Christmas Mr. Kenney! Take some time off from complaining about how others celebrate – or don’t celebrate – and enjoy the season :)”

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“Thank heavens for Kenney and Trump, hunkered down in the Christmas bunker, defending Christmas against the jihadist socialist hordes who are determined to burn Santa alive and ensure that no one ever sings Jingle Bells, ever again,” Ted Yoo tweeted.

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