Scott Thompson: Politicians should own and fix mistakes

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Ethics commissioner Mary Dawson said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau violated the Conflict of Interest Act when he took his family on a free ride aboard the Aga Khan’s private helicopter to his private Bahamian Island for a vacation.

The debate is over whether the parties are really family friends or special interest.

You can decide as who to believe but it’s the way Trudeau handled the situation other politicians can learn from.

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No doubt the PM could have acted more responsibly and come clean earlier, but when he was busted, he owned it.

He didn’t question the integrity of those investigating, he simply apologized and vowed to do better.

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Again, you can judge his sincerity and it’s easier to beg forgiveness instead of asking for permission, but at least when he’s caught he admits it.

That’s way better than denying it ever happened, and or questioning credibility attempting to distract attention to another issue, only adding to the public cesspool of cynicism that is dividing us these days.

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In a world where no one seems to take responsibility for their actions, I think this quality resonates with Canadians, whether they agree with Trudeau’s politics or not.

Scott Thompson hosts The Scott Thompson Show! on 900 CHML and is a commentator for Global News.

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