Manitoba’s most popular baby names haven’t changed

Liam and Olivia are Manitoba's most popular names again - for the third and second year running, respectively. Getty Images

The results are in, and Manitoba’s favourite names for babies are Liam and Olivia once again.

Liam has held the top spot for boys for three years in a row now, with 86 of the 8422 male babies born in Manitoba this year assuming the moniker, according to the province’s Vital Statistics Agency.

Olivia retains number one position on the list for girls after jumping to the top last year.

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There were 94 babies named Olivia this year – nearly 30 more than second-ranked Emily, with 66.

Boys outnumbered girls born in the province by over 600 for the year to date, with 7803 female babies registered as of Dec. 18.

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Other popular names for boys in Manitoba include Noah, Lucas, Ethan and Benjamin, which took second through fifth spots respectively.

On the girls’ side, Ava, Emma and Sophia rounded out the top five most popular names.

A full list of the province’s most popular names can be found below.

Top Ten Female Names

Olivia – 94
Emily – 66
Ava – 60
Emma – 58
Sophia – 56
Abigail – 48
Chloe – 47
Charlotte – 47
Amelia – 41
Mia – 40

Top Ten Male Names

Liam – 86
Noah – 79
Lucas – 75
Ethan – 65
Benjamin – 61
Lincoln – 59
Logan – 59
Jacob – 53
Mason – 53
William – 52