Toronto Zoo panda predicts Grey Cup winner

Toronto Zoo’s panda predicts Grey Cup winner
Da Mao, one of Toronto Zoo's visiting panda bears, made a bold prediction ahead of the Grey Cup on Friday, as he selected his favourite to win the big game. Spoiler alert - Da Mao may not receive a warm welcome when he transfers to the Calgary Zoo in the spring.

If an octopus can pick the World Cup winner and groundhogs can predict the weather, then maybe a giant panda has the inside line on the Grey Cup.

As fans gather for Sunday’s game in Ottawa, the Toronto Zoo let a panda make its choice for the winner of the matchup between the Toronto Argonauts and the Calgary Stampeders.

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Two cardboard footballs marked with the team logos and filled with “yummy treats” were placed in the panda enclosure at the zoo.

Keepers said the football the panda eats from first would be his prediction for the winner.

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Da Mao first pawed at the Calgary football, knocking it over, and then moved on to the Toronto football and began munching the panda treats inside.

The pandas at the Toronto Zoo are set to move to Calgary next spring.