Scott Thompson: Who exactly did the college strike benefit?

Striking faculty members outside George Brown College in Toronto. Global News

Ontario college students are finally heading back to class after a five-week faculty strike.

For that I’m sure they are grateful, but considering what they have endured and the fallout that will continue for the rest of the year, they must be furious.

Surely students must be asking themselves: more than a month of frustration, for what?

So another union could shake down the Liberals before another election?

OPSEU said they were fighting for job security — in a constantly changing world, where there isn’t any.

And a strike won’t fix that, but more education will — which oddly enough was the thing being neglected here.

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And you can’t blame the unions, who have done all of this in the past and normally get what they want in exchange for votes.

This time, Premier Kathleen Wynne tried to play both sides of the fence, allowing things to get to this point before ultimately legislating faculty back to work.

The politics should be fascinating to watch, as it always is — unfortunately again at the expense of the rest of us.

The college system is just another one of several files this government has mismanaged for almost 15 years.

And just like the electricity fiasco before this, they can’t fix all those blunders with a few costly Election Day goodies.

Scott Thompson is the host of the Scott Thompson Show on AM 900 CHML.

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