How much should Kelowna farmers pay for their irrigation water?

The City of Kelowna wants public input into fees charged for agricultural irrigation water. Global News/File Photo

The City of Kelowna is seeking resident input into irrigation water fees charged to agricultural users.

The possible changes come as more than 500 additional agriculture customers will be serviced by the city water utility in 2020.

“A review of agriculture irrigation rate design is necessary to ensure a fair structure that encourages conservation and supports farming operations,” states a city news release.

People can give their opinions in an online survey that’s open until December 10th.

“Ensuring an adequate, affordable supply of water for agriculture is a challenge that needs the support of the entire community,” said Utility Services Manager Kevin Van Vliet.

Possible rate designs include paying for the amount of water used to a fixed fee per acre of land or a combination of the two.


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