Western University student under investigation in wake of FOCO gathering

Thousands pack the street along Broughdale Ave., just past Audrey Ave. to celebrate fake homecoming. 980 CFPL

Western University is confirming one of the roughly 11,000 people who gathered on Broughdale for the so-called FOCO, or fake homecoming, is under investigation.

Vice-provost academic John Doerksen told 980 CFPL the university received a complaint alleging a violation of the student code of conduct.

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Due to confidentiality issues, however, he could only speak in general terms.

“In any given case, there’ll be a review of what the situation is to try to establish what the facts of the situation are, and students of course would have an opportunity to present their perspective on whatever the situation was, and then we move forward from there.”

Doerksen could not provide a timeline, noting it varies from investigation to investigation, but did outline the range of potential consequences.

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“They can range anywhere from a reprimand to suspension or even expulsion from the university. That’s laid out in the code of student conduct, and it’s going to depend very much on the details of the case.”

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The September 30 faux homecoming that Western University officials describe as an “unsanctioned gathering” saw London police lay more than 60 charges and issue nearly 1000 warnings while EMS took 37 people to hospital.

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