Vernon mayor apologizes after being pinched for drinking and driving

Vernon’s mayor admits to drinking and driving
Watch Above: Vernon’s mayor faced tough questions on Tuesday after admitting he was prohibited from driving because he was caught behind the wheel with a blood alcohol concentration in the “warn” range, above 0.05 %. In this full length interview Akbal Mund apologized for the incident, which he called a mistake, and said he would never have a drink and drive again.

The Vernon mayor says he made a wrong choice, he has learned his lesson, and he will never drink and drive again.

Akbal Mund was issued a three day driving prohibition after he was pulled over by RCMP at about 2:30 a.m. on October 28th and failed a roadside breath test.

Mund blew a “warning” meaning his blood alcohol content was over .05 but below .08.

He was fined $200 and handed an immediate three day driving prohibition.

The officer decided to not impound the mayor’s vehicle but he had to leave it at the side of the road.

Mund says he had a couple of drinks at an event earlier that night.

He says he was at home when a friend phoned for a ride.

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It was during that trip that Mund was pulled over.

“I made the mistake of assuming that anytime you have drinks that, even though you may feel okay, you’re not,” said Mund. So that was my mistake.”

Mund says he apologizes to everyone especially his family and friends.

Watch Below: The mayor of Vernon apologized Tuesday after he was caught drinking and driving late last month. Akbal Mund admits his blood alcohol concentration was in the “warn” range.

Vernon mayor Akbal Mund sanctioned for drinking and driving
Vernon mayor Akbal Mund sanctioned for drinking and driving