Quick temperature drop causes multiple water main breaks in Saskatoon

WATCH ABOVE: Multiple water main breaks in Saskatoon have been caused by a quick drop in the temperature. Meaghan Craig with the details.

A quick drop in the temperature has caused multiple water main breaks around Saskatoon.

The most significant one is on 25th Street, where a break in the primary water main on Monday evening forced the closure of the street between 3rd Avenue and 5th Avenue.

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Repair work is underway and the road is expected to re-open in time for the Thursday morning commute.

Another eight breaks have been reported around the city since Monday afternoon.

“This cluster of water service pipes breaking is due to the sudden drop in temperature this week,” Russ Munro, the city’s director of water & waste stream, said in a release.

The temperature dropped overnight Saturday from around the freezing mark to -17.

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“As the ground freezes, the frost can disrupt underground utilities. Regardless of the age of the pipes – new or old – frost can cause the ground to shift and this slight movement can cause a pipe to crack and leak water,” Munro said.

WATCH: Russ Munro from the City of Saskatoon explains the three most common ways water main breaks occur and the repair measures.

How Saskatoon is dealing with water main breaks
How Saskatoon is dealing with water main breaks

“We are managing this influx of repairs the best we can with our own staff and contractor assistance, to ensure that we stay as close to our 48-hour target for repairs as possible.”

Crews will be turning the water off in areas affected by water main breaks until the repairs are complete.

A water trailer or other drinking water will be provide to areas where repairs are expected to take longer than 24 hours and people in those areas can use leisure centre shower facilities at no charge.

Affected homes and businesses will receive a yellow drinking water advisory door hanger and once service is restored, green hangers will be placed which will include instructions for flushing out taps and water heaters.

City officials said it can take 24 to 48 hours to test water once service is restored to ensure it is safe for consumption.

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