Winter weather to flirt with London late this week

File photo.
File photo.

Londoners can expect the first glimpse of winter weather this week with what Environment Canada calls an “all-freeze day”.

The temperature is set to drop below freezing with flurries in store Thursday night into Friday morning.

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“Not an amount that would bury you,” explained Environment Canada meteorologist Dave Phillips.

“It’s a reminder to get the snow tires on, put away the lawn furniture. We know what’s ahead of us. Of course, that initial snowfall, if there’s any that collects on the ground, it’ll be gone by the middle of next week.”

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Jeremy Hanford, of Hanford’s Tire and Service in London, told 980 CFPL that the first flurries usually result in an uptick in calls from drivers needing to change to winter tires, but this year has been a little different.

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“We’ve been steady right since the middle of October. With the new legislation on insurance discounts for winter tires, people are being a lot more proactive and getting the tires on a lot earlier.”

As for Remembrance Day, Londoners can expect a cold but dry forecast, with sunshine and a high of 1.