Is there a pothole in your neighbourhood? Put it on the map!

Montreal pothole season. Global News

MONTREAL – It’s that dreaded time again – when Montreal snow melts away to reveal the work of winter on our city’s roads.

Are there potholes in your neighbourhood? Put them on the map!

You can add your pothole photo to our interactive map – or send it to and we’ll share it for you.

Click here to add your pothole sighting to our interactive map.

This will take you to the Google map site, then click “edit.”

Search for your location (intersection points work well) and add a pin to the map.

Select “edit” to add a description to your pin. Feel free to add a comment and a photo!

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If you’re finding it tricky adding a photo, these instructions from Google may be helpful.

Note: you have to be signed in to a Google account to be able to contribute.

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