Exploring Saskatoon’s spooky stories

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Exploring Saskatoon’s spooky stories
What better time for Adam MacVicar to explore some of the stories of spirits and ghosts in Saskatoon than around Halloween – Oct 31, 2017

Believe it or not, Saskatoon is one spooky city.

The Bridge City has its fair share of history, and along with that, a few spooky tales.

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Perhaps the most well-known fable is the bellboy at the Delta Bessborough.

“In his hurry and haste running down the stairs, he tripped and fell to this landing and died,” Joan Fior, the director of sales and marketing at the Delta Bessborough, explained.

A crack in the marble floor between the stairwell remains where it’s believed the bellboy landed.

“He’s a good spirit, he’s in the stairwells and the hallways and he’s watching out for the staff that work here,” Fior said.

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The University of Saskatchewan (U of S) is also rumored to be home to a number of spirits.

“There’s definitely students that think there are some areas that are haunted,”  Larissa Clark, the museum docent at the Diefenbaker Canada Centre, said.

“You have some people buried on campus, and people that have passed away on campus, so like there’s always potential.”

The former prime minister himself and his wife are buried only meters away from the museum.

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Hank, on the other hand, was a former drama student.

“You get lots of reports of him hanging out on the side of the stage or a specific seat,” Clark said.

Hank is usually seen donning a vintage-looking bomber jacket. The drama department still pay their respects to Hank to this day.

“They often leave marshmallows for Hank on opening night to prevent him from pulling any pranks and hanging out in the rafters,” Clark explained.

Then there’s the Thorvaldson Building.

Besides a few debunked rumors that Thorbergur Thorvaldson himself is encased in a cement block outside the building that bears his name, there are a couple of stories that students believe more than others.

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It’s said a janitor brought his family to the campus in the early days of the university to show them the campus, and they fell to their deaths when a cable snapped in the elevator shaft outside Room 271, otherwise known as as the Airplane Room (it too has no shortage of eerie tales).

Ever since, students have reported hearing strange noises in the sub-basement of the building.

“Broom sweeping going on downstairs, or they’ll hear a cart and janitor going past,” Clark said.

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The good news is, of all the stories at the U of S, they sound pretty harmless.

“I haven’t heard a story of any ghost that’s causing harm,” Clark said with a laugh.

“But I think that’s because they feel bad for the students and don’t want to cause any more problems for them.”

Other alleged haunted locales around Saskatoon include the Marr Residence, the McKim Apartment Building on 23rd Street, and even the Western Development Museum.

Whether you believe or not, there are plenty of spooky stories to discover this Halloween.


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