Beware pre-Halloween sugar intake, Kingston dietitian warns

Click to play video: 'As Halloween approaches, watch your sugar intake' As Halloween approaches, watch your sugar intake
A dietitian with the Kingston Centre Loblaw's says those 'fun-sized' chocolate bars add up quickly during Halloween binging – Oct 26, 2017

It’s the one time of the year where candy and chocolate seem almost impossible to avoid – Halloween.

“And it’s very easy to overindulge,” Kaitlyn Bresee, a registered dietitian with the Kingston Centre Loblaw’s, said. “To mindlessly eat. To have one, or two, or three or four or more. Because they’re so small we think they don’t really count.”

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A display at the Kingston Centre Loblaw’s store was set up to let consumers know just how quickly small treats can add up. For instance, four mini chocolate bars are equivalent to one full-size bar. A small bowl of Cheetos has the same number of calories as a bowl of broccoli a few times its size, Bresee said.

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The most important tip Bresee had for those who might be tempted to sneak a few treats before Halloween is to wait to buy your handouts until the day before.

“The longer it’s in your house, the more likely you are to snack on it earlier – it’s hard to avoid,” Bresee said.

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