Curler from Gravelbourg, Sask. focuses on school, volunteering

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Sarah Hoag may be only 18 years old, but she has a plan: it involves education, volunteering and a lot of curling.

The second year student at the University of Regina is maintaining an 85 per cent average and hopes to one day become a clinical ethics lawyer.

Curling is not a distraction, but a reward for hitting the books.

“A positive attitude is really what has driven me,” Hoag said.

“Like when I have a test coming up I look at it as a positive thing.”

“If I study really hard, I can go to the rink and throw, and the rink is kind of my relaxing place.”

Hoag and her teammates have represented Saskatchewan at national and international under-18 events, and they are hoping that success can continue at the junior level of under-21.

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For her accomplishments on the ice, her grades and her efforts in volunteering in our community, she has received the Sandra Schmirler Foundation Scholarship and the For the Love of Curling Scholarship, beating out other entries from across Canada.

Hoag volunteers weekly at Campion College, tutors at the University of Regina, coaches curling, and last summer did a fundraiser for the Sandra Schmirler foundation for neo-natal care units.

Hoag’s family and friends regard her as a positive influence in her community.

“Sarah is one of the most positive, and bubbly person that you will ever come across,” teammate Jade Goebel said.

“She is so driven, anything she puts her mind to, she will accomplish.”

“That’s just who she is, there is no fake side, when she smiles and her glisten, that is Sarah,” her aunt Michelle Pinsonneault added.

Hoag’s plan for the future is filled with helping others.

“More coaching, more tutoring, if you need a volunteer you can just ask, because I hope to give back to the community as much as possible.”