Quebec cancels systemic discrimination consultations

Immigration Minister David Heurtel announced that public consultations on systemic racism will no longer go ahead. Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2017. Raquel Fletcher/Global News

Quebec’s Liberal government has cancelled consultations on systemic racism.

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On Wednesday afternoon, Quebec’s new immigration minister, David Heurtel, said the Quebec Human Rights Commission will no longer be holding hearings. This comes after Premier Philippe Couillard said the government would review the format. 

“I was given a mandate to look at this exercise and find ways to make it more in touch with what was going on on the ground and this is the solution we’ve come up with collectively as a government,” Heurtel said.


Heurtel said the government’s focus has changed. Instead of consultations, he said there will be a one-day forum on immigrant unemployment in December.

“We are very serious about talking about discrimination, but I’m just trying to focus on real solutions,” he said.

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The minister added that 31 non-profit organizations who would have taken part in the consultations will work on various exercises and projects to combat discrimination. The government will also create a website so members of the public can give their opinions.

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