Neo-Nazi posters plastered at UNBC, but RCMP say they’re not a hate crime

Click to play video 'Neo-Nazi posters show up on Prince George campuses' Neo-Nazi posters show up on Prince George campuses
Racially-motivated posters were plastered at Prince George schools. Police say it was done in poor taste, but doesn't meet the standard for a hate crime. CKPG reports.

Posters that carried slogans such as “Race war is inevitable” and “join your local Nazis” were plastered at the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) and College of New Caledonia (CNC) campuses last month.

But the RCMP in the area say the posters don’t constitute a hate crime.

Coverage of neo-Nazis on

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Police began investigating on Sept. 18, after posters bearing swastikas and statements such as “The world is sick, and we are the doctors” were found in places like bus stops at the UNBC campus.

“I think it’s unacceptable, especially at a university, it’s supposed to be an open place for learning,” said one person at UNBC.

The RCMP admit that the posters are in poor taste, but that doesn’t make them a hate crime, said Cpl. Craig Douglass.

“Ultimately, it does not look like these documents, at least the ones that we began our investigation with on Sept. 18, have met that threshold to be actually considered a hate crime,” he said.

The posters nevertheless disturbed people on both campuses, including UNBC president Daniel Weeks.

“We’re not immune here in Prince George, and we’re certainly not immune here at UNBC,” he said.

“It’s a concern if it happens once, ever, you know, it’s always a concern.”

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RCMP continue to investigate the posters, and they say whoever’s responsible could face mischief charges.

Police asked members of the public to come forward with any information.

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“We’re certainly wanting to identify the persons responsible,” said Douglass.

  • Video report by Tyson Fedor, CKPG