Calgary couple goes with zombie theme for Friday the 13th wedding

William Brost and Blair Proctor exchange vows at Screamfest on Friday the 13th.

October 13th is always a big day for Calgarian William Brost: it’s his birthday.

But this year, when his birthday happens to fall on a Friday the 13th, it’s a special day for another reason: “It’s also my wedding day” Brost said.

Brost is tying the knot with Blair Proctor, and they’ve picked a theme that fits right in with the Halloween spirit of the 13th.

“We’re going to do a zombie wedding” Proctor said.

And the venue they’ve picked for the ceremony is full of the spooky spirit. They’re getting hitched onstage during the opening night of the ‘Screamfest’ event at Stampede Park.

Brost and Proctor feel the setting definitely fits the occasion. “When you’re going through different haunted houses, you never know what’s around the next corner” Brost said.  “And it’s very much like when you get married.”

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Marriage commissioner Rork Hilford, on hand to conduct the ceremony, said this Friday the 13th is a lucky day for both men.

“You get a birthday present” Hilford told Brost, turning to tell Proctor.  “And you get a husband out of the deal.”

As for the zombie theme, Proctor said they might really be onto something.

“The marriage is so eternal, it lasts through the afterlife.”